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Three Kenyan fishermen arrested by Ugandan security personnel

Three  Kenyan fishermen were on Friday morning arrested within Lake Victoria by Ugandan security personnel for allegedly trespassing Uganda’s territorial waters.

The fishermen, from Remba Island in Suba North constituency left for fishing expedition last evening and were arrested at around 6 am and are being detained at Hama Island in Uganda.

It is reported that Ugandan officers confiscated a boat which the fishermen were using and also took away fishing gears of unknown value besides taking their catch.

Confirming the incident to KNA, the Remba Island Beach Management Unit Chairman, Semekiah  Okoth  said the Ugandan security personnel have not given details of the arrest.

Okoth said that they are suspecting that the three were arrested over trespass which has been a major issue between the Kenyan fishermen and Ugandan authority.

The BMU leader wants the National government to solve once and for all the constant harassment of Kenyan fishermen by Ugandan and Tanzanian security personnel.

Last  month six fishermen were arrested by Ugandan officers and were released after paying a joint fine of Sh.60, 000 to Ugandan authorities.

By  Godwine Ochieng/Dan Oduor

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