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Traders urged to utilise the allocated space at the newly constructed market

Migori County traders have been encouraged to utilise allocated spaces at the newly constructed Ombo modern market to boost the economy of Migori town.

Migori County Director for Trade and Development Mr. Collins Bala revealed that they have been issuing notices to traders to open their stalls or risk losing their licenses entirely.

“We have been giving notices to closed stall owners to operationalise them in order to get value for money from the Sh82 million World Bank project as well as encourage business activities in the facility,” said Bala.

Bala pointed out that some stalls have been non-operational since 2021 when the new market was commissioned, revealing that the county management has given those traders 14 days to comply before cracking the whip to ensure the market springs to life.

Migori Municipal Administrator Mr. George Olumwa acknowledged that some traders at the market have been changing the policies of the Municipality by renting their stalls instead of operating them.

“Some traders were given stalls by the municipality and yet they have been behaving like landlords by renting out their stalls against the wishes and policies of the municipality,” noted Olumwa.

He also revealed that the municipality administration has decided to relocate traders that deal with fresh produce within Migori town to Ombo modern market as was intended three years ago.

Olumwa. added that the market facilities that include water supply, power, security and ablution block are fully functional to ensure that hygienic standards are observed and maintained.

The municipality is also working around the clock to construct a bridge across river Migori that will connect Ombo market and the Jua Kali area for easy transportation of both humans and goods with Migori town.

One of the traders at Ombo market, Mr. Michael Ogare appealed to the general public to discard the perception that the modern market was wrongly placed arguing that it is always the customers who look for the services and not the services to look for the customers.

By Michael Obuoyo and Geoffrey Makokha


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