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Trans Nzoia residents urged to embrace climate friendly agricultural practices

Farmers in Trans-Nzoia have been challenged to adopt practices, which will boost productivity and help enhance food security.

Speaking to the press at   the Kitale Museum during commemoration of Kitale Film Week, Kenneth Kagai, The County Agricultural Officer said that if food security was to be enhanced, farmers have no option, other than to employ modern agribusiness practices. 

He explained that adoption of modern agribusiness strategies on a large scale, will not only help enhance food security but also, will go a long way to protect the environment. 

“If our farmers were to fully go for agribusiness, the country will produce enough food for consumption and more will be left for commercial purposes, making hunger a thing of the past,” he added. 

He warned against farm practices which contribute to degradation of the environment, saying that such practices eventually affect agricultural productivity.  

Kagai challenged farmers to adopt strategies of value addition on agricultural products, which he pointed out will help fetch more profits from local and international markets. 

To help fight-off effects of climate change, Kagai said that proper implementation and financing of the laid down policies will be of great value as he called for formulation of stronger policies. 

“For the country to achieve desired results in climate change, proper policy framework is needed to guide the existing initiatives,” he added. 

On collaboration with other stakeholders, Kagai revealed of plans to partner with Kenya Film to enhance agricultural productivity.
By Emmanuel Katasi and Elizah Kimani

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