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Tree species matter when planting, Athi River DCC

Athi River Deputy County Commissioner Patrick Mwangi has advised Mavoko residents to be keen on the type of tree species they are planting so that they thrive in their region.

Mwangi was speaking at the East Africa Portland Cement (EAPC) headquarters in Athi River during the national tree planting day, where he urged the Mavoko community to ensure they plant trees that can grow within the locality so that the trees do not wither and die.

“What matters is the species of trees planted and what can grow within the locality, because if we plant the wrong species, then the trees will keep on withering,” said Mwangi.

He said that after getting the right species, it is one’s duty to plant and take care of the trees so that they will survive and benefit the next generation for years to come.

Mwangi reminded the residents of the challenges they faced due to climate change and asked them to make sure the trees they had planted grew and thrived.

“It is one thing to plant a tree, but it is different to nurture it to maturity and ensure it survives,” added the DCC.

He pointed out that there are 15 sub-locations in the Athi River, and each of them has a similar tree planting event, but the one at EAPC is the main one, and he hailed the management team at EAPC for being good stakeholders and honouring President William Ruto’s directive on the national tree planting day.

The DCC added that after planting trees on the EAPC land, they plan to also plant trees at his office in Athi River, the police station, and the Athi River main hospital so that they can improve the environment within Athi River and its environs.

On his part, the Managing Director of EAPC, Mr. Oliver Kirubai, said that they have so far planted 5,000 trees in the Portland area, and their target is 1.5 million trees, as they intend to follow the presidential directive of 15 billion trees by 2032.

Mr. Kirubai further added that they plan to organise more events that are supported by other government institutions and the private sector so that they can cover the whole of Portland cement with trees while taking advantage of the rainy season.

“We intend to partner with other government institutions, the county government, and any stakeholders interested in making Kenya a greener and better country,” pointed Kirubai.

By Anne Kangero

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