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Turkana benchmarks on Kiambu’s healthcare system

In a collaboration aimed at improving medical provisions and services, Turkana County Government embarked on a benchmarking mission to Kiambu County.

Led by the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Health Services Dr. Apalia Anthony, the Turkana delegation sought to gain valuable insights from the health department.

Thika Level 5 hospital hosted the CECM team for a full day bench marking activity, led by CECM Health Services Kiambu County Dr. Elias Maina and the Chief Medical Superintendent Dr. Patrick Nyaga, with support from the County Department of Health and the Centre for Health Solutions (CHS).

They expressed their willingness to host the Turkana County Government team and emphasized the importance of knowledge sharing and collaboration between the two counties.

Dr. Apalia commended Thika Level 5 Hospital for their prudent management of resources, especially the facility improvement fund that is financing the health projects.

He emphasized the value of benchmarking exercises for driving positive change and learning from successful healthcare systems.

“We have noted the remarkable achievements the county has made in enhancing healthcare access and quality, and we are here to learn so that when we go back home to implement the best practices and lessons we encounter,” he said.

During the visit, the hospital’s medical superintendent Dr. Nyaga assisted by county, facility and CHS staff interacted with the delegation from Turkana, where they engaged in various discussions exploring innovative strategies, technologies and policies implemented by the department to improve health outcomes.

 Areas of interest were the ongoing infrastructural development, radiology center, medical waste disposal mechanisms, automated revenue collection and health management systems.

Speaking to KNA, Dr. Nyaga said that the initiative aimed to equip the officers with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective agents of change in their respective counties.

“In steps towards empowering healthcare in their respective county, the health promotion officers have embarked on this venture, which is an investment in their professional development. We recognise the vital role healthcare plays in all counties and the role these officers play in promoting health and well-being at the grass roots level. We have therefore made sure that we delve into a wide range of strategies and practices so that our counterparts receive education on the latest evidence-based practices in health promotion. We are confident that they will be able to redesign and implement the information they acquire here to their targeted communities according to their unique needs,” said Nyaga.

The delegation would also acquire essential skills in effective communication and community engagement that would empower them to foster healthier lifestyles.

Kiambu County Government has allocated over Sh5 billion in the 2022/23 financial year towards healthcare financing. Last year, the County employed over 500 healthcare workers to meet the recommended patient-to-healthcare worker ratio.

By Hellen Lunalo

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