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Turkana Head Teachers Offer Police Masks to Fight Covid 19

Police in Turkana County got a major boost in the fight against Covid 19 after local Head teachers’ association donated masks and bar soaps to the officers.

County police commander Samuel Ndanyi said the donation will help address concerns from the public over the safety of the police officers during their operations in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Members of the public have been asking are the police immune to covid 19? With this donation the police will be able to put on masks and lead from the front by setting a good example to civilians,” said Ndanyi.

Ndanyi commended the head teachers for their support.

County head teachers association chairman Ome Ali said they had donated 200 masks for the police and 70 cartons of bar soap translating to 840 bars of 600gm bar soaps.

“Ten cartons of bar soaps will be for the police officers and the 60 cartons we shall handed over to the county commissioner for the county covid 19 emergency response Committee,” said Ali.

Ali was flanked by deputy county head teachers association chairman Thomas Lokuruka, treasurer Florence Banana and other head teachers.

Headteachers association chairman Ome Ali (left) hands over bar of soaps to County commissioner Muthama Wambua outside the county commissioner office in Lodwar on Monday April 27,2020.
Photo captions by Peter Gitonga

County commissioner Muthama Wambua lauded the teachers for their support saying they had demonstrated that they have recognised the work of law enforcement officers.

He said the police and administration officers including the Nyumba kumi initiative have been very keen to check covid 19 pandemic.

He said 19 Congolese nationals
and four Ugandans were first detected after their entered the county and placed under quarantine.

Wambua said through the help of Nyumba kumi initiative two people from Nairobi who had entered the county on Saturday using a government vehicle have been placed in isolation for 14 days.

He at the same time cautioned members of the public against wearing facemasks when in presence of law enforcement officers.

“As at yesterday we had screened 196,000 people which is the highest number in the country,” said Wambua.

He reiterated that the lockdown at Kakuma refugee camp was still in force.

By Peter Gitonga

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