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Turkish government sinks boreholes in semi-arid area

Residents of Macalder in Nyatike Sub County, Migori County, have benefited from a Shs 5.3 million water project from the Turkish Embassy.

Speaking during the launch of the project at Macalder Centre, The Turkish Embassy Religious Consulate to Kenya, Mihmet Fattih, noted that the project aims to solve the water burden and scarcity in the area.

Nyatike Sub County is classified as a semi-arid region where the majority of residents lack the precious commodity due to unreliable rainfall and lengthy dry spells.

Fattih said that the water projects being undertaken by the consulate aim to supplement the county and national governments efforts in ensuring the availability of clean water to the local residents.

Migori County Woman Representative Fatuma Mohammed appreciated the efforts, noting that Macalder residents will be able to access clean water both for human and animal consumption.

The residents of Macalder and other adjacent markets like Osiri Matanda, Naykweri, and Wath Ong’er have been travelling for more than five Kilometres to fetch the precious commodity from the River Kuja.

“Our women have been wasting a lot of time doing round trips to the river Kuja, five kilometres away, to fetch the crucial commodity. The project will ease the burden of water search as well as give them enough time to attend to other chores, including engaging in economic activities,” said Fatuma.

The legislator advised the local residents to take care of the project to ensure that it serves them well.

The residents, led by Milder Apondi, explained that the water project will help them reduce the numerous animal deaths that have occurred as a result of taking contaminated water from gold and copper mining sites.

She added that the project will also save their water expenditure capital, where a lot of money was being used to purchase the commodity.

“We have been buying water at Sh25 for every 20 litres and sometimes even higher when a dry spell kicks in,” lamented Apondi.

The water point that is powered by two solar systems will serve the Malcader centre, the Malcader police station, the mining sites, and other adjacent centres of Osiri Matanda, Naykweri, and Wath Ong’er.

The Turkish Embassy has also done water projects in Isiolo, Nakuru, and Kakamega counties.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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