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TVETs to Adapt Dual Training to Address Youth Unemployment

The Government has urged experts, scholars, researchers and professionals from various sectors to convene to redirect their energies to the application of research findings to foster innovation in order to offer opportunities for the exchange of knowledge ideas and experiences to address real-world concerns as well as advance technological and sociological progress.

The Director of the Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) Dr. Meshack Opwora indicated that TVET has intensified the role of dual training to address unemployment and skills gaps among the youth through the revamping of training in TVET through public-private partnerships to adapt the dual system in Kenya.

He reaffirmed the commitment of the Government to promote the growth of technical institutions and training through the implementation of Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) that is market-responsive.

“CBET programme is intended to prepare learners for specific jobs through the classes and also through the recognition of prior learning. It delivers the distinct advantage of skills and knowledge required by the industry as they emphasize practical training to boost confidence and generate employability,” he said.

The Director who spoke during the 12th Annual Conference in Applied Research, Science and Innovation for Sustainable Development in Eldoret pointed out that the research papers presented shall serve to enhance the view of TVET institutions as incubational in promoting research, science and technology.

“TVET institutions including the Eldoret Polytechnic play a key role in providing knowledge and skills to facilitate the transition to cleaner economies and societies,” noted Dr. Opwora.

He further said the Government had recently retrained 115 trainers of the Eldoret National Polytechnic as the first cohort of CBET curriculum champions and is expecting to retrain others to enhance faculty resources in spearheading CBET courses.

He alluded that the Government also has partnered with the private sector to provide internships and employment opportunities to trainees through a structured mechanism for the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises.

Opwora commended The Greening TVET concept which encourages stakeholders to reflect on how they can integrate in curriculum training standards and solve local issues through applied research and engage communities, industries and enterprises to reduce their environmental impact through greener practices.

He lauded the Eldoret National Polytechnic for facilitating linkages with partners like Safaricom and others a collaboration that has engineered best training practices in greening.

He mentioned the new higher education finance model which is designed to promote TVET training by ensuring that students experiencing financial difficulties do not have to pay any fees including college upkeep.

“Our country is focusing on the manufacturing economy and it is up to our TVETS to provide appropriate and competent human resources. I cannot also over-emphasize the importance of Science and Mathematics courses in providing learners with the required skills,” he noted.

The TVET Director reiterated that the Government recognizes the strategic value of human resources in TVET institutions and will continue to recruit more trainers as well as see better ways to motivate those currently in service depending on the availability of resources.

By Ekuwam Sylvester

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