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Two political factions clash in Murang’a

Drama  unfolded in a Murang’a hotel on Monday morning when a confrontation played out between supporters and critics of Kandara MP, Alice Wahome.

Chaos erupted  when supporters of Wahome were giving their views in support of the sentiments the legislator expressed last week about the state of the country’s economy.

A rival group believed to be sponsored by the County Women Representative, Sabina Chege and the Kigumo MP, Ruth Mwaniki stormed the press conference disrupting the occasion.

The  group behind  Wahome said the legislator did not disrespect the President in her sentiments, saying the MP only highlighted areas which the government needs to look at so as reduce what they termed as suffering among Kenyans.

Led by Kandara residents Laban Thuo and James Mwangi, the supporters of the MP said Wahome raised three pertinent issues which the President should consider giving priority so as to improve.

He said despite development of infrastructure, Kenyans are suffering due to high taxes imposed on almost all sectors of the economy that touch the common mwananchi.

The economy, he added as the MP had stated, needs to be streamlined so as to relieve the agony majority of Kenyans are going through.

Last  week on Wednesday the Kandara legislator in a press conference accused the Jubilee administration of presiding over a failing economy, limited freedom of speech and a BBI report orchestrated to benefit selected individuals.

The legislator’s sentiment sparked heated political debate across the corners of the country with some supporting her while opponents called for resignation of the MP from Jubilee Party.

The MP challenged President Kenyatta to come up with strategies of revamping the economy to increase employment opportunities.

“What our MP said is the reality on the ground. Many people are losing jobs; new taxes are imposed every day on small-scale business enterprises. We respect our President and our Member of Parliament only highlighted challenges many Kenyans are going through,” added Thuo.

The group supporting the President led by Alex Mbote and Joshua Mwangi castigated the MP for not respecting the head of the state.

They accused the MP for doing little in terms of development in her constituency and alleged she was being used by some individuals to portray the false notion that the President has lost support in his political base.

The critics of Wahome vowed to continue supporting the President and asked leaders who are against the government to resign.

“We will not allow the president to be disrespected by any leader. We are witnesses of what the government has done on the ground in terms of development,” noted Mbote.

By  Bernard  Munyao

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