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UDA candidate Arrested over Alleged Voter Bribery

Police officers have arrested United Democratic alliance UDA candidate MosesNyandusi Nyakeramba this morning in the ongoing by election in Kiamokama ward of Nyaribari Masaba Constituency in kisii County.
The candidate was forced to get out of his car by the police officers a few meters from Moremani polling station where he was going to cast his vote.
The police recovered sums of money stacked in a trevelling bag alleging voter bribery.
He was arrested alongside a woman who accompanied him to the polling station.
The police officers were forced to use tear gas to force the UDA candidate alight from his car and also disperse his supporters.
The candidate and his supporters are also accused also to have plans to bar voters from voting.
As he was being bundled into a police car ,Nyakeramba noted that his arrest was a sign of intimidation for him and his supporters who are getting out to vote.
“the police are getting it wrong lobbing tear gas cansters inside my car to get it me out is wrong,police are to store peace and order but here they are beating and arresting us,”said Nyakeramba.
Kenya National Congress Party Secretary General Ben Gisore while speaking to the press expressed his disappointment how the excercise was going on noting that two KNC’s agents were earlier on arrested by the police .
Benson Ntabo, the MCA of Gesusu Ward however said that voting was going on smoothly in most polling stations and that residents have turned out in large numbers to vote in the mini poll.
by Jane Naitore and  Clinton Nyamumbo

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