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County hands over water pan for de-siltation and expansion

To curb inadequacy of water for livestock in Aroo Sub-County, the Turkana County Government has contracted desilting and expansion project of a water pan located at Lodopuwa village in Lobokat Ward.

The project, costing Sh18 million marks an important milestone in the ongoing efforts by the County Government to diversify water access for 500 households and 25,000 livestock.  

The site hand over to a contractor was with a specific task to double the current water pan capacity from 20,000 to 40,000 cubic meters, increasing its ability to harness surface runoff from the Kakong’u riverine.

Deputy Director for Water Services, Frederick Rukoo, issued the handover certificate to the contractor, marking the official commencement of the project.

Eng Rukoo underscored the county’s commitment to ensuring successful completion of the project within the approved standards before May 30, 2024.

The Village Administrator, Nadit Echwa, emphasised the urgent need for the expansion project, highlighting its potential to address the longstanding water challenges facing the residents.           

Echwa noted that the current water pan infrastructure serves only a fraction of the population and expressed optimism that the expanded facility would extend its benefits to a wider area, including residents of the neighbouring Lomunyenkirion, Nariamao, Kalemung’orok, Kedulach and Kakong’u villages.

Community members represented by the elder Nakure Tioko Itao, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the initiative, emphasising the transformative impact the expanded water pan would have on their livelihoods.

Itao said the additional water would also support agricultural activities, pasture regeneration and small-scale farming.

Once completed, the project promises to ease pressure on the existing two points located at the local dispensary and the Church.


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