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Uhuru briefs on inter-Congolese peace talks

EAC-led Nairobi Process facilitator and former Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta Wednesday said that the Inter-Congolese dialogue is being re-energized to enhance peace and security in Eastern DRC.

Kenyatta said the process incorporates consultations amongst armed groups in Eastern DRC, local community leaders, civil society and other relevant stakeholders with the aim of finding sustainable solutions to the prolonged security situation in Eastern DRC.

“We should not become enemies amongst ourselves for the main enemies that we should be fighting with include poverty, diseases, illiteracy, development, poor infrastructure amongst others and all these can be achieved only if we work together in enhancing peace and security in our regions,” said Kenyatta.

He added that the Nairobi-process is a political consultation addressing the war in Eastern DRC and the main purpose of the ongoing peace talks is to find a long-lasting solution on bringing peace and stability in Congo, peace that has never been there for the past almost over 20 years.

“I am happy with the armed groups and I want to congratulate them for having accepted to put aside firearms and joined the dialogue consultations and discussions on suitable solutions to restore peace and security in Eastern DRC,” said Kenyatta adding that to meet the main aim of the dialogue, all Congolese have to work together and become one.

He urged the Congolese to be flexible so that they work together in bringing ideas on how peace could be restored and also confirmed to them the readiness of their leaders who are promising to work together with them with a goal of enhancing peace in their region.

Speaking at the event, Special Envoy to the DRC President Prof. Serge Tshibangu said that the meeting is a sign of peace and that at the end of it all, the solutions that have been given in enhancing long-lasting peace and security should be implemented by the Congolese and EAC region at large.

“Despite the victims’ sufferings for over 20 years, the dialogue will come up with suitable solutions such as agreements, to ensure that the Congolese that were thrown out of their own country are taken back and their children also go back to school,” said Tshibangu.

He assured the Congolese that Nairobi III would ensure Congo is stable and will provide a solution towards the problem they have been facing since the EAC leaders are in discussion for restoring peace.

By Edna Okoth and Irene Mwende

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