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University students advised to apply for HELB loans

University and College students from Tharaka-Nithi County have been advised to be prompt in applying for loans with the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) to supplement the available bursary funds that only come twice in a year.

The  Chuka Igambang’ombe Member of Parliament (MP), Patrick  Munene  said the education bursaries cannot meet all the requirements of students from universities and other tertiary institutions and asked them to apply for HELB loans too.

“Most of your parents and guardians may not be aware of the HELB loans and it is your prerogative as the ultimate beneficiaries to apply for the loans to supplement the meagre bursary funds available in meeting your education demands,” said the MP.

Speaking  while issuing bursary application forms to more than 600 university and college students at the Transnational Hall in Chuka town on Tuesday, the legislator further assured the huge number of applicants from his Constituency that the grants will be processed within the next two weeks.

“My stand is to fully invest in education rather than empty rhetoric and I can assure all of you that the bursaries will be processed and disbursed in the next two weeks to enable you meet your education demands and pursue the careers of your choice,” he stressed.

However, Munene was quick to warn the students against relying on white color jobs once they complete their education but instead find ways of being self-employed.

The MP further took issue with Secondary School Principals who are turning day secondary schools into boarding schools at the expense of needy students who cannot afford boarding school fees.

“There are those Principals who find a day school in the location and try to transform it into boarding. Be warned that this is contrary to the government’s stand on 100 percent transition and they could soon find themselves in hot soup,” said Munene.

Each student who filled the form will benefit from Sh. 8,000 for this semester as they await the second disbursement in May.

By  David Mutwiri/Monicah Nyagah

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