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University Students protest over surging insecurity in campuses

Students drawn from various universities in the country have taken to the streets to peacefully demonstrate over the surging cases of rape and brutal murder of university students.

Led by the Kenya University Female Students Leaders Association (KUFSLA) leaders, the students marched from Freedom Corner in Uhuru Park, chanting slogans meant to rebuke Sexual Gender-Based Violence.

Speaking during the demonstration, Multi Media University (MMU) of Kenya Student Association President, Jeniffer Mbogo, explained that the demonstration was a result of insecurity and delayed justice for the family of the victims.

“Today, we stand here in solidarity as brothers and sisters, to condemn the rape and brutal murder of fellow university students. Our young female students are raped and murdered for reasons as petty as small disagreements and when cases are reported, justice is normally delayed despite criminals being known,” says Mbogo.

Owing to the recent murder of Makrine Wainaina of Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Mbogo stated that there is need to prove to the world that rape can never be justified nor termed as a gender war.

She further appreciated the efforts made by Non-governmental Organizations in promoting progressive legislations and policies to combat gender violence.

Kenya University Female Students Leaders Association (KUFSLA) Chairperson, Sharlet Wairimu, in her remarks emphasized that it is a collective responsibility of the society to call out rape culture in order to protect young girls, women and young men, who fall victims of these brutal acts.

“It is unfortunate that some of these cases are reduced to gender war where some people try to justify rape and murder as a revenge for favors that a party in a relationship received from the second party without reciprocating,” sighed Wairimu.

Vice-Chairperson MMU, Syphan Munda, called upon the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, the National Police Service as well as our Judiciary, to ensure the family of the late Markrine Wainaina is served justice.

“We expect the law enforcement agencies to take necessary actions against those promoting or engaging in sexual harassment or assault against any young person,” added Munda.

The demonstration, however, was disrupted by the police who explained to journalists that the event was unofficial as it lacked proper documentation from the authorities.

By Moffin Opilio

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