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Upgraded ongata rongai market underway

The construction of a new shed in the market adjacent to Talanta Social Hall is currently underway.

The construction will be completed in a few weeks with the contractor already on site.

According to Ongata Rongai ward administrator Samuel Muchiri, the construction of the new sheds will create a more conducive environment for traders to engage in their business.

“I would like to thank the County Government for allocating funds to this project in the 2020/2021 financial year. The shed we have been using had not been completed but because of the ongoing projects budgetary allocation we will be able to construct new sheds that will provide a good business environment for the market traders,” he said.

According Muchiri, the renovation of the sheds in the market will be carried out in phases as the funds allocated will only cater for construction of a section of the market and more funds will be required to upgrade the sheds in the entire market.

The market upgrade has been highly anticipated by the traders who had earlier raised complaints on the dilapidated condition of the pre-existing sheds that exposed them to extreme weather elements.

Funds had been allotted for the project in the 2020/2021 financial year after members of the public raised the need for renovation of the market in a budgetary allocation public participation forum.

The project had been temporarily stalled by the delay in disbursement of funds due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The traders have indicated plans of approaching the World Bank with a proposal to further elevate the standards of the market citing that there is enough space at the open-air market for the construction of an ultra-modern market like the newly constructed Ngong market.

By Amy Moyi

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