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Uptake of subsidised fertiliser encouraging

Farmers in Laikipia County have turned up to register in the Laikipia County Updated List of farmers to purchase the cheap fertiliser.

The uptake of fertiliser from Friday has seen more than 100 farmers turning up to register at the Agriculture Office, with the allocation of 550 getting depleted.

Igwamiti ward, Agricultural Officer, Abraham Kigo, said that farmers were purchasing an average of 10 bags of the fertiliser which now retails at Sh3,500 as  announced by President William Ruto.

“It only takes one week for the farmer to be able to purchase the fertiliser after they get registered in the system for the first time. A farmer needs to have a copy of the title deed or a lease letter and an ID card to register,” said Kigo.

Kigo also said that the only fertiliser on sale was DAP which can be used to plant almost all crops grown in Laikipia West including maize, wheat, potatoes and vegetables.

“Most farmers are purchasing the fertiliser to use in the next planting season because farmers in Laikipia West do not rely on the short rains.

“We are calling on the farmers to continue registering with us to help us plan for the next planting season,” noted Kigo.

The extension officer added that the registration was continuous and that the statistics helped the officers to know how much land was being cultivated in a particular season.

By Anne Sabuni and Irene Wandia

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