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Veterinary Department launches rabies vaccination for cats, dogs in Lodwar

The  County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries, Chris Aletia on Wednesday launched a control of dogs and cats mediated rabies aimed at reducing their population and infection in Lodwar town and its environs.

The  week long exercise being done by Veterinary officers in Kanamkemer and Lodwar Township wards involves castration, spray and neuter as well as vaccination of dogs and cats against rabies.

Aletia said that the vaccination would be done cautiously and with high standards to make sure that human safety and health standards were adhered to.

He noted that the veterinary department was doing well in terms of animal disease control especially using the E-surveillance technique that he noted was helping in locusts control to get the coordinates.

The County Chief Officer for Fisheries, Livestock Production and Veterinary Services, Abdullahi Yusuf said that the department was committed towards control of zoonotic diseases through regular treatment of livestock.

The Veterinary Services Director, Benson Longor stated that the vaccination would reduce spread of Zoonotic dise ases and control of rabies in Lodwar Municipality.

He revealed that the department has tailored plans to extend the exercise to other towns in the Sub-Counties.

Present during the brief ceremony held at Mifugo Complex were staff drawn from the Pastoral Economy and Fisheries department.

By  Peter Gitonga

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