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Vihiga set for mega cultural fest in March 2019

Terik elders presenting a spear and shield gift to Governor Ottichilo during the communitys cultural festival on Sunday

Vihiga county government is scheduled to hold a mega county cultural festival in March 2019.
Vihiga Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo made the revelation when he addressed area residents during celebrations to mark Tiriki Cultural Festivals on Saturday.
According to Ottichilo, the planned cultural festival will bring together all four sub tribes of the county, including Maragoli, Banyore, Tiriki and Teriks.
‘The rest of Kenyan tribes as well as international communities will also be invited to the three day event,’ said Ottichilo.
The governor emphasised that besides showcasing the rich cultural background of Vihiga, the event will also be used to market the region to the rest of Kenyans and international community.
‘We will use the event to open up our county and attract both local and foreign investors in order to stimulate economic growth and development,’ he noted.
He further noted the March event will also be used to identify and promote talent among area youths.
‘My government has already set aside adequate funds that would be disbursed to various cultural groups that will participate in the event,’ disclosed Ottichilo who encouraged local youths to exploit opportunities provided by the upcoming event.
The planned event would be a break from 2018’s where each of the four sub-tribes separately organised their own cultural celebrations.
Governor Ottichilo attended all the cultural events that were celebrated between Wednesday and Sunday.
First to be held was the annual Maragoli Cultural Festival on Wednesday with the Teriks wrapping the week long events on Sunday.
The county boss further revealed his administration would, in the next financial year, set aside enough funds for construction of cultural centres in all the five sub counties.
“This in response to requests made by elders from all our four sub tribes,’ he promised.
The cultural centres would be used to preserve various cultural artifacts of the region.
Ottichilo also used the occasion to announce that the county treasury had allocated Sh.35million towards upgrading of Hamisi Stadium in Gisambai ward, Hamisi Sub County.
“We are optimistic that construction work at Hamisi Stadium would commence in January 2019 once the tendering and procurement processes are completed,” said Ottichilo, adding the refurbished stadium should be ready for use in July 2019.
By Maurice Aluda

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