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Youth want government to stop encroachment on playground

Youth in Kahuro Sub County of Murang’a County have expressed their concerns over encroachment of their playground by private developers.

They complained that putting up buildings at Kahuro playground will deny them space for sporting activities.

Speaking to media over the weekend, the young people argued that those encroaching on public land had a nod from some authorities and called for investigations on how the private developers secured ownership documents.

They requested area MP Ndindi Nyoro to use legal procedure and stop establishment of commercial and residential buildings on the ground by some tycoons.

The youth led by their leader Paul Ng’ang’a said if the land will not be protected, they will be forced to abandon participating in sports.

“The public ground is also where public functions are held but what we can see is new houses coming up limiting space for sports,” said Ng’ang’a.

The youth were speaking during a soccer tournament and talent search organised by Kiharu NG-CDF and a local women leader Mrs. Wanjiru Wairagu.

“We appeal to the government for assistance in protecting the playing ground from being encroached by private developers as the public will have nowhere to hold meetings and youths nurturing their talents,” Ng’ang’a added.

The playground located at Kahuro Market, Ng’ang’a said has been of big benefit to young people aspiring to be sportsmen.

Responding to the youth, Kiharu MP, Nyoro who was present said he will engage the county government in making sure all public grounds were protected.

Nyoro said he will have a consultative meeting with Murang’a governor Mwangi wa Iria on how to ensure public lands are not encroached by individuals who use devious ways in acquiring fake title deeds.

“I will have a talk with Governor Mwangi wa Iria who comes from Kahuro and knows more about the playing ground to take urgent measure on protecting the land,” said the MP.

Nyoro observed that many of the playing grounds where national days are celebrated were at threat of being grabbed thus needed to be secured by the county government.

On her part, the local woman leader Wanjiru underscored the need to have all public play grounds fenced to deter encroachment.

Private developers, she said if not checked may use dubious ways in taking away public lands leaving young people with nowhere to nature their talents.

She told parents to allow their children to engage in sporting activities that will help them nurture their talents.

Wanjiru said there was need for leaders in various capacities to organize talent shows to help the locals participate.

“The youth are blessed with many talents thus the need for the community to join hands and organize events annually,” she said.
By Bernard Munyao

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