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Wako urges county assemblies to back BBI

Busia Senator Amos Wako has appealed to county assemblies to support the Building Bridges Initiative report once the signature verification
exercise is complete.

Wako made the appeal Wednesday during the burial of Daniel Were Okhoba, son to Busia Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi at Nyapera village in
Butula Sub County.

He said the report has a lot of benefits for the common mwanachi including devolving more funds to the counties which directly implement grassroots oriented programs.

“I was part of the drafting team and I believe we produced a very good report. One of the proposals in it is to devolve more funds particularly to the county governments.

“When you read the Constitution the national government only sets policies but the implementers are county governments, hence sectors like health and agriculture require more money at the county level and
not at the national level,” he explained, while telling off those saying the proposal to increase the national revenue allocated to counties from 15 to 35 percent was not achievable.

Area Governor Sospeter Ojaamong echoed Wako’s sentiments saying raising the revenue allocation to 35 percent was possible if both the national and county governments commit to it.

“Currently, if Busia establishes about ten industries, our economy will grow as a county. Similarly if Kenya attracts many investors the economy will definitely grow and we shall be able to achieve the
increment,” he said.

Ojaamong added that a lot of money remain at the ministry headquarters doing nothing yet it could have been put into use at the counties for the benefit of the public.

He said: “As governors we sat down and analyzed our respective budgets and realized the ministries withhold a lot of money. You undertake less at the
grassroots. This is the money that can help raise the 35percent.”

On Busia succession politics, Ojaamong urged those intending to vie for the governorship position that if the proposals in the BBI sail through, they stand to benefit as it will create many positions at the national level.

Others present included MPs John Bunyasi (Nambale), Oundo Mudenyo (Funyula), Joseph Oyula (Butula), Deputy Governors Joseph Ngome (Bungoma), Patrick Saisi (Vihiga) and Dr. Mathews Owili (Kisumu) and
former Funyula MP Paul Otuoma.

By Ejakait /Sikolia/Kwena

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