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Wamunyinyi defends self over bias claims on Kanduyi CDF

Kanduyi member of parliament Wafula Wamunyinyi has refuted claims of bias and neglect in management of the development kitty in his constituency.

Responding to a statement by Khalaba ward MCA Majimbo Okumu, the MP said the Kanduyi CDF kitty had adopted an all-inclusive approach to ensure fairness and equitable distribution of the resources to all areas of the constituency.

The MCA had stated in his claim that Khalaba ward has been sidelined among the eight wards in the constituency saying that was not true.

He said funds from the kitty were not disbursed equally among the eight wards but are instead disbursed according to the needs of each ward without bias.

The legislator further said Khalaba ward like any other ward in the constituency has the right to benefit from the CDF kitty like it has always done confirming that last financial year the CDF kitty funded the construction of a multipurpose hall at the Wamalwa Kijana secondary and modern toilets at the Kanduyi primary.

The MP assured the ward representative that a recent request to construct pit latrines for a primary school in his ward had been received and funds would be released for the same as soon as the paper work was complete.

“You can be assured that we are working on something to ensure that we fix the problem at Mukhaweli primary whose facilities were swept off by heavy rains,” he said

He pointed out that although the constituencies receive sh. 118 million per year, the monies are never released at once but in batches making it sometimes difficult to deal with emergency situations.

The MP however called on Mr. Okumu to establish a cordial working relationship between them. “I am urging my fellow leader Majimbo to have a cordial working approach with other leaders rather than shouting at each other through the media.

He said it was unfortunate that sometimes he calls the ward rep who declines to pick his calls when he wants them to discuss pertinent issues of development.

The legislator also refuted claims that he never awards open tenders saying his approach was to give respective benefiting institutions cheques and they do their projects independently.

“Yes it is true that I never advertise for tenders but that does not amount to any form of corruption. My office hands over cheques to all benefiting institutions, projects after approval by a competent CDF committee that disburses cash after assessing the needs of the different institutions,” he said.

By Roseland Lumwamu

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