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War declared against armed banditry in Marsabit

The government has resolved to fight the armed banditry menace which has of late turned its guns on law enforcement agents in Marsabit County.

And the county government of Marsabit will be suspending most of its development programmes to harness resources to address the fierce drought and famine situation in the region.

Speaking during this year’s Mashujaa Day celebrations held at Marsabit Moi Girls secondary school after reading the presidential speech, Marsabit County Commissioner Paul Rotich warned that the habit of targeting police officers and other law enforcement agents would not be tolerated.

The CC welcomed a pledge by Governor Mohamud Ali that the devolved unit administration would join hands with security organs stemming out the banditry problem.

The move comes in the wake of killing of a police officer and critical injuring of another in Qubi Qallo area while pursuing cattle rustlers.

He commended residents for their continued support in the fight against crime which he noted had led to the arrest of three prime suspects and recovery of firearms.

Rotich pointed out that the government has opened avenues from which Kenyans could eke a living without engaging in crime like Youth Enterprise kitty and Uwezo fund and now the awaited hustlers programme and ordered the police to deal with armed criminals mercilessly.

“It is not acceptable and I am stating here that it will not be allowed for members of the public to target law enforcement agents who are mandated to safeguard their lives and property,” the CC stated.

Rotich also said that security organs in Marsabit and neighbouring Samburu county were working on security measures to get rid of highway banditry between Merille and Solelipi section of the Marsabit-Isiolo highway.

In his remarks, Governor Ali expressed concern that crime was a threat to the peace in the county which had started to gain ground

“We are together in this noble cause and I urge the police to firmly deal with those engaging in hostile activities as they are a threat to peace,” said the governor as the issue of illegal firearms dominated speeches from MCAs and other leaders at the celebrations.

On the ravaging drought, Ali asked the county assembly to expedite the passing of the devolved unit’s financial estimates to enable securing and distribution of relief food to the needy.

He pointed out that local communities who are predominantly pastoralists had lost their main source of livelihood to the drought with about 40,000 heads of cattle having perished.

The governor added that the drought has also claimed115, 000 goats and sheep, 35,000 camels while the remaining livestock was in very poor conditions.

He assured the residents that his administration was collaborating with the national government in ensuring families facing famine received life-saving relief assistance.

By Sebastian Miriti


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