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War on Garft Unstoppable

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission today launched The National Ethics and Corruption Policy aimed at restoring the dignity and standing of the Country’s Ethics and integrity record.


EACC chairman Eliud Wabukala in his statement during the launch said that the policy gives lifeline to the anti-corruption discourse in the Country, asserting that as the Integrity body they are keen to implement the raft of measures in the policy.


He noted that the war against corruption is not lost saying that several gains have since been made in the fight and all stakeholders including citizens need, is patience and consistence.


Wabukala noted that the various international and regional anti-corruption instruments require Kenya to recognise the need for a policy framework for combating corruption.


“This policy’s main objective is to reduce levels and prevalence of corruption and unethical practices Kenya by providing a comprehensive coordinated and integrated framework for the fight against corruption and promotion of ethics,” said Wabukala.


He called for a holistic emphasis and facilitation of the full justice chain in order to have an effective and sustained anti-corruption outcome.


Attorney General Kihara Kariuki on his part lauded the launched policy saying that it’s imperative that the Country has a working policy framework that will guide the fight against corruption.


In a speech read on his behalf by Justice and Constitutional Affairs Secretary  Maryanne Njau Kimani, the AG stated that the policy is a product of a collaborative and participatory process and reflections on how to strengthen the legal and institutional framework for the fight against graft particularly with the view of building synergies among institutions.


“This calls for harnessing goodwill of the people of Kenya and stakeholders and reassigning roles and resources that are available to ensure that we win against the war of corruption,” said Kihara.


He acknowledged that the development of the policy took quite long but noted that it encapsulates the pillars necessary to support the grown and expansion of the governance sector.


He further said that the policy is informed by historical developments in the fight against corruption, acknowledging that Kenya has made considerable steps especially with the amendment of the Prevention of Corruption Act (Cap 65) which paved way for the establishment of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Authority.


However the fight against corruption has not been smooth and has had numerous legal and administrative challenges with lack of coherent strategy cited as one of the biggest setbacks to the effectiveness of the fight against corruption.


He added that this policy directive is a tipping point in a longstanding battle to restore the dignity record with the government energetic renewal of the campaign against corruption coupled with subsequent precision interventions that are beginning to bear fruits.


In attendance was EACC Twalib Mbarak, Public Service Chairperson Stephen Kirogo, and DCI Director George Kinoti who echoed their support to the policy which they all committed to implement in their institutions in the fight against graft.

By Alice Gworo



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