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War on illicit brews in Meru County Intensifies

Meru County Commissioner Alan Machari has vowed to continue with the crackdown on illicit brews in the region amid the COVID-19 pandemic saying residents must be protected against any form of harm.
Speaking after receiving over 700 cartons of sanitisers donated by the Kenya Breweries Limited in partnership with Kenya Pipeline Company, Machari noted that some alcohol lovers have turned to consumption of illicit brews after all bars in the region were closed down warning that the law will still catch up with them.
He said the government was not at war with its citizens but the stringent measures were meant to protect the wananchi from the COVID-19 spread.
“The sanctity of every individual in the county is going to be taken with the same weight. So let us partner and eradicate illicit brews that may become hotspots for coronavirus spread,” he advised.
He explained that the fumigation exercises being conducted at marked places are meant to ensure that every member of the society is safe including the street families whose life starts and ends on the streets.
He said the national government in partnership with the county government has identified hotspots that might be grounds for COVID-19 spread saying they will start increasing the fumigation exercises to twice a week.
“Everybody should join in the fight against COVID-19. Let us not just sit back and ask what has been done but we should ask what we are doing on our part towards the fight against this pandemic,” he advised.
Meanwhile Machari lauded wananchi for providing information about people who might have come to the county from areas that have reported coronavirus cases.
He noted that the sanitisers donated are not substitutes for washing hands with soap and running water instead will be distributed fairly to those who deserve, noting that there are frontline workers who may not have time to make frequent breaks during their service delivery process for them to wash hands hence the need to have the sanitisers handy at their offices.
“The county committee tasked to deal with the COVID-19 disease will sit down and ensure the sanitisers reach those who deserve like frontline workers and those vulnerable in society,” stated the CC.
Meru County Public Health Director John Inanga appealed to the residents to heed to advice being given by the Ministry of Health calling on any well-wishers to come on board in supporting the fight against coronavirus.
A beer distributor in Meru County said they are partnering with the government by adhering to the set guidelines for the sake of safeguarding the lives of their customers for the future.
“If our customers get infected with this dangerous disease then we shall have no customers to sell our beer to in future,” said the distributor.
By Richard Muhambe

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