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Water: Sponsor rescues Turkana University College

The  serious  water  shortage  at  Turkana University College  will  soon be a thing of the past thanks to intervention by  The  Ramgarhia  Youth  Association (RYA), a group of professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to support  under  privileged members of the society.

The   RYA  Chairman, Inderjit  Singh  Thethy  and  Vice Chairman, Himath Singh Gahir  toured the varsity to conduct a  survey  on  sinking  at  least  two boreholes at the varsity to address the chronic water crisis facing the institution and its neighbours.

“To  date  RYA  has  commissioned 16 water boreholes with assistance from our donors in different parts of the country,” said Thethy.

He  added  that  the association conducted surveys at Canaan, AIC, widow camp, Lolupe, Nayuu, Natotol, Eliye, Natir, Nakiriongora and Nadapal/Namoru areas in Turkana County.

The  Turkana University College Principal, Prof. Thomas  Akuja  appreciated the gesture made by the association, saying  it  will go along way in addressing one of the serious challenges facing the institution.

“We  are really grateful to the Ramgarhia Youth Association for their support. This will actually transform the economic, social and general welfare of the students and the community living near the university,” said Akuja.

The principal has in the past raised the water challenge in the national government county fora and the intervention by  Ramgarhia youth association will be a relief for the varsity.

The  Ramgarhia  Youth  Association is a subcommittee of the East  African  Ramgarhia  Board. Ever since inception in  the 80’s the  RYA has been an active youth association involving itself in various community initiatives.

The  association was catapulted into limelight when charity projects were enhanced which gave RYA a new outlook be  it  through wheel chair donations, blood donations, medical camps to name but a few.

By  Peter  Gitonga

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