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We cannot be deterred from our Referendum Quest, Says Mbadi

The ODM (Orange Democratic Movement) party has warned its MPs against taking part in a caucus aimed at reviewing parts of the BBI Bill through Parliament instead of a referendum.

Some members of the National Assembly and the Senate have formed a caucus aimed at approving some parts of the Constitution Amendment Bill 2020 popularly known as BBI Bill, through Parliament.

The legislators are plotting a parliamentary takeover of the constitutional review exercise to have the law amended on clauses which do not require a referendum through it.


However, the ODM National Chairman John Mbadi on told his party MPs who are in the caucus toquitit.

Addressing journalists at Kabunde Village in Homa Bay Town, Mbadi said, “ODM has not approved any caucus for amending the constitution in Parliament, let any of our MPs in that caucus quit it and none of our members should take part in it.”

He held that such a caucus can only succeed if formed by leadership of political parties in the legislative houses. He maintained that the Bill is a popular initiative which must be voted for or against by the people through a referendum.

Mbadi said the High Court judges who ruled that the Bill is unconstitutional cannot discourage them from their quest of having a referendum in the country. “No one said the BBI Bill has failed, the Bill is a popular initiative which has to go through a referendum,” Mbadi reiterated.


This comes at a time when citizens are waiting for the Court of Appeal’s verdict following a petition that was filed by several parties to challenge the judgment issued by the High Court outlawing the BBI Bill.


By Sitna Omar 

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