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Well-wisher disinfects trucks in Busia town

Robert Obuko addressing the press in Busia town on Wednesday June 3, 2020, noted access to water along the road was a major challenge. Photo by Salome Alwanda/KNA.

At  least 150 long distance truck drivers in Busia town have had their vehicles fumigated by a well-wisher with a view to protect them from the coronavirus disease.

Speaking after fumigating a few of the trucks in Busia on Wednesday, Robert Obuko, the Proprietor of 200 Degrees cleaning Services noted that some of the drivers had been camping at the road for more than one week.

“So I decided to fumigate their vehicles and give them hand sanitizers,” he said, adding that access to water along the road was a major challenge.

Obuko  appealed to other well-wishers to emulate his initiative and consider providing them with face masks.

He disclosed that he begun the where he fumigated police stations and long distance trucks within Bungoma town.

“I have disinfected close to 20 police stations in Nairobi and two camps being occupied by flood victims in Bunyala Sub County,” he said.

Obuko added that he has also fumigated Busia and Samia police stations, urging the National government to come to the aid of the drivers.

His assistance comes hardly one day after the Busia Governor, Sospeter Ojaamong directed that all trucks gaining entry into the County must be fumigated at the owners’ cost.

By  Salome  Alwanda

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