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Why parents need to nurture children’s musical talents

Afro-acoustic musician Nina Ogot has urged parents to fully embrace the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) and allow their children to develop their musical talents.

Ogot speaking exclusively with KNA noted that talent nurturing is key in the current world and giving children room will be very beneficial in their coming days.

“Parents should encourage their children on doing art and music as they also provide them with quality education. They should not be barriers to talent development,” noted Ogot.

Ogot who started her primary school education at Nairobi Primary school was transferred to Loreto Convent Msongari by her parents upon realising that she was so much interested in music and art, which were not provided in the former school.

She said that a catholic nun, who trained her in playing piano at Loreto Convent, motivated her. “Actually it is my teacher at Loreto who inspired me a lot. She was a catholic nun and I really appreciate her efforts in building me, “she said.

Ogot said that talent was accepted and fully embraced by her parents and that was a major boost in shaping her future choice of career.

The long-term journalist worked with Radio France International Kenya before joining Royal Media as a presenter on Radio Citizen on Afrodizia musical show and Citizen TV on the famous Wedding Show.

She acknowledged that Radio France International helped sharpen her music on the cultural agenda since she was much on cultural and artistic events in Nairobi and Mombasa.

According to Ogot, music was her thing since childhood but ventured into journalism and communication because of her love for languages.

“I wanted to do music since I was young. I prefer it above all. I however got into communication because of my love for languages and I didn’t want to dump it along the way,” she explained.

Ogot adds that it is through the willingness of her parents that she has managed to make it this far urging parents not to hinder their children from doing what they have at heart.

“My parents saw the talent in me and loved uplifting girls. Today’s parents should also do the same, embrace change and make their children follow what they are passionate about,” she declared.

She further challenged Africans to embrace local languages and systems that allow easy communication hence incorporating effective musical composition.

The former TV host encouraged music ‘salad’ adding that the art was beyond language and brought together people of different diversities indiscriminately. “Music goes beyond language and rhythms and people have really embraced this. I urge for more,” she said.

Moreover, she said that it took her hard work and God’s intervention to survive the Covid-19 pandemic mainly through online concerts. “It was a miracle to some point, and also hard work. I have to move an extra mile and engage in online concerts,” she mentioned.

Ogot noted gender imbalance in the music field encouraging talented girls to join and play instruments to grab themselves opportunities. Currently, she runs a 13-piece band with only two women one of whom is from France playing instruments.

“If you are a girl, there is a wide gender imbalance, girls don’t play instruments as they actually should. Playing instruments and singing is a very good combination,” she explained.

She uses stage performances to encourage girls into the industry by giving them opportunities in Nairobi and Kisumu when there are concerts.

On Friday, Mama Grace Onyango social hall is preparing to host the musician when she will be making her debut in Kisumu.

By Peter K’opiyo and Joseph Otieno


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