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Woman murdered in Nyamira

Police from Manga police post in Manga Sub County, Nyamira County are pursuing five brothers and their mother from Mokomoni village who brutally murdered one of their brother’s wife yesterday morning alleging she had stolen her mother in-law’s Sh5000 which was part of her tea bonus proceeds.
While confirming the incident, Sirate Sub Location Chief, Clifford Nyanumba, told the press that the six brothers, Samuel, Peter, Aron, Omoria, Evans, and Omara Ndega decided to seek the intervention of a witchdoctor to reveal who had stolen their mother’s money which she reported to have gone missing on Wednesday last week.
“When Ndega’s six sons sought intervention of a witch doctor to reveal who stole their mother’s money, the witch implicated one of the brothers’ wives as the thief and five of them ganged against Samuel whose wife was implicated and planned to do the heinous act with his knowledge’, Chief Nyanumba explained.
“Early yesterday morning, when Samuel had left home, the deceased Millicent Nyamboga, 40, was lured by one of her brothers’ in-law from the house claiming there was a family issue they wanted to talk about as family and that she could represent her husband who was not at home at that time. They walked towards a tree plantation nearby where the others were but instead they started to physically assault her. It’s her son who heard her screaming and when he tried to find out what the matter was, the uncles chased him away saying they were disciplining her for stealing their mother’s money”, the chief narrated to the press.
“I received a distress call at around 7 o’clock yesterday morning from the deceased’s son telling me he needed some assistance because his uncles were assaulting his mother allegedly for stealing his grandmother’s money and the father was not at home. By the time I reached the homestead, the five brothers and their mother had run away and I called police officers from Manga police post who visited the scene where Millicent’s body was left with visible deep cuts in the head and chest. We took the body to Nyamira referral hospital mortuary awaiting autopsy,” said Nyanumba.
“After leaving the scene to escort the body to the mortuary, irate villagers touched 10 houses within the homestead destroying property of unknown value castigating the heinous murder act of an innocent woman without prove that the deceased had indeed stolen the money,” Nyanumba lamented.
He is appealing to members of the public to stay calm as police investigate the matter and pursue the culprits who are at large and warned those who incited members of the public to touch houses in Ndega’a homestead that they will also be held culpable.

By Deborah Bochere

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