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Women and youth groups in Migori urged to repay Uwezo fund

Migori women and youth groups have been encouraged to repay their Uwezo funds on time to unlock high fund limits for their economic gain.

Suna West Deputy County Commissioner, Mutua Mbele while speaking during the launch of the Uwezo Fund at Suna West Sub County encouraged the groups to always pay their funds on time to help them access higher funds for their social economic development.

Mbela urged the beneficiaries of the funds to utilise it for its intended purpose to realise their economic growth as well as empower others in society.

Mary Owino, who represented Migori Women Representative Fatuma Mohamad acknowledged that already the Woman Representative’s Office has launched the funds in two Constituencies where women and youth groups have benefited from the funds.

“We are encouraging women to form groups, access this fund, and repay on time to access more funds for their economic development,” noted Owino.

Already women groups in Awendo and Suna West Constituencies have been able to access funds between Sh200,000 and Sh700,000, a positive start that Owino says will empower women socially and economically to be self-dependent.

Suna West Member of Parliament Peter Masara who was delighted to see his residents benefit from the funds encouraged more youths and women to form societies to activate the funds.

“I am encouraging my Constituents to come together and form strong groups and be actively engaged to benefit from government funds like Uwezo, Youth, and Women Enterprise Funds,” acknowledged Masara.

The legislature affirmed that the best way to empower the citizens is to avail more accessible funds like the Uwezo Fund to help propel the economic agenda of Counties.

Masara also added that the Uwezo Fund, which is a revolving fund with zero interest and a grace period of six months for repayment, will enable women and youth to access finances to promote their daily businesses and enterprises at the Constituency level.

Margaret Arwari, Chairperson of one of the beneficiary groups ‘Total Women Group’ said that the funds will enable the group to increase their poultry farming to realise more profits and be economically self-dependent.

By Geoffrey Makokha

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