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Community sensitization on children’s rights gains momentum

The Department of Children’s Services, in collaboration with the Non-Governmental Organization ‘Save the Children,’ has embarked on an extensive campaign to raise awareness within the community in an effort to combat violence against children.

Speaking at a public sensitization and participation forum in Anole, Wajir County, Coordinator of Children’s Services, Mr. Jillo Roba stressed the pivotal role that local communities play in the fight against violence targeting children, adding that the initiative is aimed not only to raise awareness but to instigate tangible change at the grassroots level.

Roba highlighted the importance of reaching out to communities directly, particularly those where children are most vulnerable to various forms of abuse.

He disclosed that a comprehensive program has been initiated from Sub-County, Location, and Sub-Location levels to promote awareness on alternative ways of caring for children within the framework of the law.

Expressing concern over the prevalence of child abuse and neglect at the family level, Roba regretted that many cases in villages go unreported due to cultural factors.

He urged for a cascade of information related to child care at the grassroots level where these incidents are most likely to occur.

Roba at the same time, disclosed that National Government Administrative Officers have undergone thorough training and sensitization to fulfill their roles in ensuring the safety and well-being of children within their jurisdiction.

He further highlighted the increased risk of child misuse during the prevailing drought situation, emphasizing the need for vigilance among law enforcement and child protection stakeholders.

In addressing the issue of unreported cases, Roba emphasized the crucial role of local leaders, stating, “Nobody is better placed to identify and provide accurate information on a child likely to be undergoing abuse or subjected to other forms of neglect than the Chief, Assistant Chief, and Area Managers.”

Roba urged the community to recognize that child protection is a collective responsibility involving both the government and parents.

He emphasized that safeguarding children requires joint efforts from the entire community, fostering an environment where children can live safely, happily, and sustainably within family and community-based care.

By Hamdi Buthul

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