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Women groups get uwezo loans to boost their businesses

Several women groups from Ol-Joro Orok Constituency have benefited from the Uwezo Fund kitty that aims at providing women, youth and persons with disabilities (PWDs) access to individual and group loans to boost their business enterprises.

Speaking when disbursing cheques worth Sh3.6 million, Nyandarua Woman Representative Ms. Faith Gitau lauded women groups for their concerted efforts to make good use of the kitty through their various economic activities.

She said the monies are meant to boost their enterprises and have helped in women empowerment by facilitating many women in the area to achieve financial independence.

Gitau urged women in the region to overcome all barriers to achieve success, saying that women have the potential to succeed and contribute towards leadership and the development of the economy.

“I have issued cheques of over Sh3.6 million to 10 groups. I am happy that the groups borrow the money, do business with it and repay on time. The women are empowered through the funds and it shows that they can easily take great care of their families. The government will continue to support our women through the Women Enterprise Fund and other devolved funds availed by the government,” said Ms. Gitau.

Woman MP called on the Nyandarua Governor Dr. Kiarie Badilisha to suspend issuance of alcoholic drinks licenses in order to audit the existing alcoholic licenses.

This, she said, will help tackle the challenges facing young people who have fallen victim to alcoholism and especially to the second generation and illicit brews.

Gitau expressed regret that many youths have turned into zombies as a result of the effects of consumption of such drinks saying majority of them have been lured into alcoholism due to joblessness.

She underscored the need for stakeholders to look into ways of alleviating poverty and creating more job opportunities to enable them to overcome the challenges.

Speaking at the same function, Ol-Joro Orok Women Enterprise Fund officer Ms. Mary Akerubi challenged women to form and join such groups so that they can benefit from the training they get before getting access to the funds.

She said capacity building was an essential component before applying for the National Government WEF loans to enable them identify common enterprises and projects that will be sustainable and of economic value to them.

The Uwezo Fund is geared towards the realization of Vision 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goal 3 of promoting gender equality and the empowerment of women in the country.

By Antony Mwangi



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