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Women Urged to Harvest Rain Water For Domestic Use

Maendeleo ya Wanawake Chairperson Rahab Muiu has urged women to harvest rainwater for domestic use.

Speaking at Il Bissil, Kajiado County during a women empowerment program, Muiu observed that most homes still depend on water from boreholes, located quite a distance from their homes, when they can easily harvest the water from the rains.

She said harvesting water will ensure that the women no longer have to walk long distances in search of the commodity, thus saving time and energy.

The Chairperson challenged the locals to install gutters on their roofs and invest in water storage tanks so as to store rainwater that is going to waste.

“Water harvesting will ensure that there is water for use at all times. With a 10,000-litre capacity water tank, you have enough water for domestic use and irrigating crops.” She said.

Muiu further urged the women to put up kitchen gardens in their homes so as to save money and ensure food security for their families.

Priscilla Lesanka, the Chair lady of Maendeleo ya Wanawake Matapato North group, revealed that households in the area that have already invested in water harvesting techniques have embarked on small-scale farming.

Lesanka said many women had put up kitchen gardens where they grow crops like onions, tomatoes, kale, and cabbages.

“Women who have already invested in water harvesting can now provide for their families sufficiently. They no longer spend money buying vegetables in the market as they get a fresh supply from their gardens.” She said.

The chair lady urged women who have not bought water storage tanks to liaise with banks and other financial institutions that offer loans to enable them to purchase the tanks.

She added that the solution to the perennial water shortage was proper rainwater harvesting and storage.

By Rop Janet

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