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Work as a team, Chiefs told

The  Chiefs, Assistant Chiefs and Police Officers  from Teso North Sub County during a meeting  with the Busia County Commissioner at the KNUT Hall  in Teso North Sub County on Wednesday February 26, 2020. Photo by KNA.

The  Busia County Commissioner (CC), Joseph  Kanyiri has urged chiefs to work closely with Kenya Revenue and Anti Counterfeit  Authorities to ensure that only legitimate goods enter the country.

Addressing  the Chiefs  from Teso North Sub County on Wednesday, Kanyiri said the government can only serve the citizens effectively if revenue is collected.

“These counterfeits are killing legitimate businesses which has sources of revenue to the government,’ he said, adding that most Kenyans prefer purchasing cheap goods which are either counterfeit or smuggled.

He explained that failure to check on entry of counterfeits along the border can lead to the collapse of local industries hence no employment opportunities for our youth.

The  official further explained that entry of such goods compromise business in the country in addition to endangering lives of Kenyans.

Kanyiri at the same time, advised the chiefs to be vigilant on people trying to radicalise the youth, adding that terrorism has neither race, religion nor tribe.

“It can be even in a church or a mosque,’ he said adding that several people have been arrested in connection with the criminal offence including one from Busia.

He further urged the administrators to ensure that foreigners without the required documents are arrested and taken to court.

“This is our country and if we fail to protect it, then people can sneak in dangerous weapons that can kill our people,’ he said, adding that there is need to help the border and security agencies.

The  CC at the same time, urged the administrators to deal ruthlessly with chang’aa and other illicit brews, adding that perpetrators of rape and defilement use such before they engage in such acts.

“Please let us fight those vices as we ensure that all children go to school,” he said, adding that the government expect a lot from the officers on the ground that can only be achieved through teamwork.

Kanyiri advised the chiefs to take advantage of their vast knowledge of their surroundings to gather intelligence and forward to the relevant authorities.

“Use your local advantage chiefs to help the government to gather intelligence on terrorism and other vices,’ he said.

He at the same time said that young girls should be discouraged from promiscuity and early sex which are the major hindrances to 100% transition from Primary to Secondary schools.

“Currently we have some girls who are not able to join form one because some irresponsible men impregnated them,” he said adding that there is need to talk to those men.

Kanyiri noted that Busia County was ranked number 14 out of the 47 counties in terms of chang’aa and other illicit brews.

By  Salome  Alwanda

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