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World Bank funded-market opens its door in Migori

Over 400 traders in Migori Town are set to start new life inside the newly constructed multi-million World Bank market project.

The Ombo Modern Market which was constructed at a cost of Sh84 Million will house a total of 420 traders.

Migori County Governor Zachary Obado earlier noted that the construction of the Ombo modern market was complete and ready for occupation. “We want our small scale traders facilitated and get a better place where they can sell their goods,” said the governor.

Obado added that the construction of the market was a necessity to cater for the needs of the surging population of people in Migori town, who constantly needed supply of goods including food stuffs.

The governor however acknowledged the challenges Migori traders faced including adverse weather conditions like scorching sun and rainfall, which affected their comfort at work.

“I am happy that the Ombo market is now complete and it’s now going to address the issue of space and organization for a better working environment for our people,” said Obado.

Obado said that the markets, apart from creating employment to the locals, have also seen local economies revitalization, promotion of business-oriented initiatives, creation of local employment, and new business initiatives.

Migori Town chairperson of Municipal Planning Mr. Joseph Nyambori while awarding the kiosk slots to the traders stated that the new market is going to help decongest the current markets within the municipality.

This, he said, would also help in relocating traders from Marindi market in Suna West which is being evacuated for construction of a modern market under World Bank funding.

“We are going to give first priority to those traders whose stalls were demolished to pave way for the construction when going to consider those who applied,” noted Nyambori.

He further explained that the traders were given a chance to apply for slots in the new market, of which over two thousand applications were received.

He however, noted that the market opening was delayed due to late completion by contractors. Also, as of the opening day, water installation was not done to completion hence traders have to wait to start trading, he explained.

“We urge the new slot owners to bear with us so that we complete installing water, which is the only thing remaining. After which, they will be allowed to move in immediately,” Nyambori added.

Apart from the newly constructed Ombo market in Suna East Sub County, Migori County has constructed other markets including Awendo market among others.

By Monicah Atieno and George Agimba

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