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World Bank offers Sh105 million grant to Nyandarua farmers

About 150 farmer’s groups in Nyandarua County have benefitted with Sh74 million from the World Bank (WB) under the Kenya Climate Smart Agricultural Project (KCSAP).

The cash which is channeled to the groups’ bank accounts will be given in bits. Sh74 million was issued yesterday and Sh31 million shall be issued at a later date.

The farmers are supposed to use the money to start farming or improve on their farming with support from the Ministry of Agriculture.

Nyandarua County is among the 24 counties that benefitted from the World Bank- KCSAP project countrywide.

Issuing the cheques in Mutanga, Kiriita ward in Ndaragwa Sub County, Governor Francis Kimemia said the money will benefit farmers in various sectors from chicken rearing, potato farming, peas farming, water pans and dairy cattle farming among other sectors of agriculture.

The Governor said he was proud that the Sh60 million given to 72 groups last year has seen them make great progress and have earned them a lot of profit.

“Those whom we gave one chicken have now over 10 chickens.  This means that they have been able to utilize such funds well. Our farmers are hardworking people. Actually most of them are now requesting for egg incubators because there is a higher demand for their chickens in the market.

“Those that had milk are now requesting for yoghurt making machines. This is the development that we wanted in our county,” added Kimemia.

He noted that initially Ndaragwa Sub County had reported cases of children with stunted growth but right now the children are having sufficient proteins from chicken meat and eggs.

He lauded another group bordering Laikipia County which dug a dam and a borehole and currently the group is having sufficient food and even selling the surplus.

Jacinta wangari kanyi a Peer Educator at Bari Health Centre and head of people living with Aids said she was happy to get the money to continue rearing chicken.

“As HIV people we are supposed to eat healthy. We have children who are taking those drugs and defaulters don’t take drugs due to hunger.  But with this help, we shall be able to provide every one of us with enough food and balanced diet.

“We started rearing chicken in January 2020 with our own but now we shall add more chicken with this money,” she said.

By Anthony Mwangi

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