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WRUA up in arms over encroachment on river

Members of Itimbogo Water Resources Users Association (WRUA) are up in arms against Kiviuvi coffee factory for encroaching on a river source.

The members are blaming the factory for encroaching the land along the river, hence denying them access to water.
They also accused the factory for subdividing the land and leasing it to locals at Sh500 each per season.

Led by their Chairman, Taratisio Ireri Kawe, the angry members who grow arrowroots said the factory has planted eucalyptus trees in part of the land.

“The trees grown in the area are harmful to water resources for they are heavy consumer of the commodity,” Kawe added.

The members said they are embarking on reclaiming the water banks, through planting trees and crops which are water and environmental friendly.

The members, drawn from the entire constituency recommended that riparian land should be left idle for establishment of reed among other water plants.
Kawe noted that the river has been polluted through use of fertilizers by the locals who grow crops on the lands near the water source.
Stephen Njeru, an agricultural extension officer based in Runyenjes noted that the locals have not been keen in soil conservation, leading to soil erosion and water pollution.
Kiviuvi factory General Manager, Caroline Karimi confirmed that the factory had planted eucalyptus trees for their own use, but added that they were not on riparian land.
She also confirmed the factory subdivided the land which it leased to its members.
By Kimani Tirus

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