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Young people obsessed with looks at the expense of work

The  youth are nowadays obsessed with their looks because they are idle and not occupied with meaningful economic activities.

A  Psychologist, Dr. Lydia  Waiya  said in the past the youth were busy doing household chores, tending farms, looking after animals and so forth, but currently school leavers have too much time onto themselves, making them to become preoccupied with their perceived bodily flaws.

However, Dr. Waiya urged the youth not to let their physical appearance control their lives, since ultimately everyone will grow old, hence the need to invest in worthwhile causes, which would assist them to transcend mere looks and see something special in them.

But to Julia Moraa, a college student, appearance was extremely important to her because from a young age she was told that she looked beautiful and has since struggled to conform to the dictates of society.

Unfortunately, she said she has always felt that her eyes were too small, hence the need to apply make-up to make them look bigger.

At the same time, Dr. Waiya speaking to KNA in Laikipia campus  on Tuesday, blamed social media for pressurizing the youth with their make-up tutorials, while marketing expensive cosmetics to this very vulnerable group, making a number of them to even start competing with the photoshopped models used in the adverts.

The psychologist noted that only a few girls have a strong sense of self worthiness as they navigate through the turbulent changes that puberty brings.

However, she said the youth who identify a passionate cause in their early lives such as education, sports or keeping pets were unlikely to be over-obsessed with their looks.

Dr. Waiya said adults also contribute young people’s behaviour, hence the need for self-re-examination among parents before they start apportioning blame to the youth.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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