Youth challenged to participate in Gonga the game

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Youth have been challenged to play Gonga the game aimed at improving their creativity and demystifying the misconception that it’s the sport for the old people.

Esther Wanjiru, Gonga the game player holding the gonga box also called the Gonga fun box. The game is played outdoors and involves throwing Gonga (throwing sticks) to GONGees (twelve numbered pegs). Goal is to score 50 points. Photo by Muturi Mwangi

During Gonga the game, which is yet to penetrate the Kenyan sporting fraternity, players are required to have mutual connection in order to win.

Andrew Mbiru, Director Gonga the game, speaking to KNA in Nanyuki town, while exhibiting the sport during the dream’s youth expo themed, “seeing the world through the eyes of the youth. Sustainable designs, Sustainable future,” said the game can be played by all ages.

Gonga the game can be played by teams or individuals. However, when played by a team, it is more interesting. There is competitiveness when playing it and a lot of critical thinking is involved,” revealed Mbiru.

He notes, the game can be ideal for outdoor playing and at the same time it has a scoring system in terms of points.

“Some people compare it to balling. It is played on a lawn and you can move around with it since the box which we call box of fun is portable,” said one of the game enthusiasts.

The Kenyan made game, Mbiru says, with exhibitions, people have started to appreciate it and he noticed people buy the game as gifts to their loved ones.

Gonga the game is played globally under different names. It is not well known in the market and that is why you find us showcasing, since we need to introduce the sport to the people. Our main buyers are through referrals and those who try to play the game for the first time,” said Mbiru.

He says, each set of Gonga the game costs about Sh7,000.

How to play the sport, the Gonga enthusiast say, the twelve numbered pegs made of wood and also named ‘GONGees’are assembled on the gravel or carpet like ground in a tight formation.

The player then throws underarm the throwing sticks called Gonga at the Gongees from three to four meters away.

After every throw, the number of pegs knocked down are counted and noted on the Gonga score sheet, says Mburu.

He reveals, the goal of the game is to accumulate 50 points by knocking down the numbered pegs.

Mburu says, the game should not touch water or be played on wet ground and at the same time notes there was a challenge of making the game which requires woods as raw materials when trees cutting moratorium was put in place.

‘Drawing Dreams’ Initiative, a youth led Community Based Organization founder, Ms Grace Wanene, speaking at the same expo that saw over 50 Small and Medium Business Enterprises (SMEs), showcase their products, urged youth to be innovative and use their skills to create job opportunities.

By Muturi Mwangi

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