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Youth urged to embrace online jobs

Government Spokesperson Colonel (Rtd.) Cyrus Oguna has called on the youths to embrace online jobs through the Ajira digital platform.

Addressing media Sunday after church service at ACK Difathas in Gichugu constituency, Oguna stated that there are many opportunities for online workers that the youth could exploit to boost their earnings.

Laikipia Governor Ndiritu Muriithi, Uriri Member of Parliament Mark Nyamita and the Government Spokesperson Colonel (Rtd.) Cyrus Oguna at ACK Difathas on Sunday October 3, 2021. Photo by Mutai Kipngetich

The government spokesperson said the government has eased access to digital opportunities in the country through the Ajira Digital Programme.

“The Ajira initiative seeks to impart skills on the youth, to help them secure genuine online work such as software development, transcription services, virtual assistance and other services that can be done online,” he said.

Oguna insisted that online jobs are available within and outside Kenya borders and that with the relevant digital knowledge, every youth can secure jobs globally.

He added that the Ajira program involves hiring mentors to offer training and providing free internet connectivity and workspaces in all constituencies.

“We have over one million Kenyan youths who are currently making a living out of online jobs. As the world struggles with social-economic challenges brought by Covid-19 pandemic, online platforms are safe to conduct business and deliver services,” he added.

Oguna also noted that youth constitute 75 per cent of the Kenya population and embracing technological changes and innovations will promote remote working as an alternative form of employment.

“Youth is about 75 per cent of our population and if all enroll to the Ajira Digital Programme, they can benefit and make online work an alternative employment,” he added.

He said many countries worldwide have invested a lot in online work and they are generating a lot of revenue to their respective economies and that is where Kenya should be heading to.

“The Ajira program will see us instill the spirit of innovation in our citizens, creating a more technologically vibrant generation. I believe this is the future route to follow,” he said.

And as the country approaches the next General Election, Oguna urged youths not to be misused by the politicians and be keen to vote for leaders propagating agenda that touches the youths.

“As we approach elections, youths should ensure their agenda is taken care of before voting. Don’t just vote because the leader comes from your region,” he warned.

Oguna attended the church service accompanied by the Laikipia County Governor Ndiritu Muriithi, Uriri Member of Parliament Mark Nyamita and the Media Council of Kenya CEO David Omwoyo.

By Mutai Kipngetich

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