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Youths challenged to embrace agriculture as an income generating activity

Youths in Machakos County have been challenged on the need to adopt farming as an alternative means of earning a livelihood in the wake of Covid 19 pandemic.
Wiper Party nominated MCA Angela Munyasya says youth can reap great benefits from undertaking agriculture as a source of income and in the process boost food production in the country.
Munyasia who was addressing youth at Kabaa Primary School in Mbiuni location, Mwala sub county over the weekend said it was unfortunate that many people have always looked down upon farming as an outdated activity and preferred white collar jobs despite the former being a lucrative sector which can turn around the fortunes of a country.
The legislator singled out agribusiness as one the driving force in many developing countries and advised the youths against shunning the sector for white collar jobs which are hard to come by.
Last week the lawmaker challenged youth to identify and exploit individual talents as one way of cushioning them against the shocks of Covid 19 pandemic.
The MCA noted that youths possessed unique talents in diverse fields such as sport, art and music, that if utilised well could cushion them against the ravages of the harsh economic times being experienced in the country.
She cited the Kenya United Transformation Front, -a local NGO working in Mbiuni ward with view to nurturing young talents, citing the many centers where young people can enroll and transform their lives for the better.
“With many young people now at home, it would be a prudent thing to avail to them opportunities that can help them utilise their time and in the process open up avenues that can form a lifeline in the current hard economic times. Such opportunities could be in sport, music or drama where individual youths might end up carving a lifetime career,” she said.
The legislator promised to continue working with Youth leaders in coming up with programs that would help identify individual talents and the best way to exploit them for the good of the community.
By Samuel Maina

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