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Youths urged to shun crime

Since the outbreak of covid-19 pandemic, the youth’s lifestyle has been affected greatly not only socially but also economically leaving them with no option but to strive to make ends meet.

Youths of Uasin Gishu County have taken the initiative of looking at the effects of the pandemic in a more positive manner. Instead of turning into drug addicts and robbery due to lack of jobs, they have made themselves more useful through self-employment.

For instance, the Director of Art Films Entertainment Brian Mwanzo while speaking to KNA, noted that the film industry has seen to it that every young individual gets involved in the pursuit of their dreams through showcasing their talents.

“The entertainment industry has made it possible for the youths to be among the artists and content creators and has enabled them air out their views in a more peaceful manner. We support the youths because they are the ones with new ideas in our society,” Mwanzo added.

The artists and content creators of the Art Films Entertainment performed a play on the set book Betrayal in The City not just to educate the students on the set book but to educate the people on how betrayal is all over the entire country.

Quincy Rapando, who acts in the drama Zora as Kwame, was the chief guest in the play. He pointed out that the theme of betrayal is not just in the play but also in the current society we live in. He mentioned that most of the young people were highly educated yet they ended up jobless thus forcing them to engage in malpractices such as corruption to access an employment opportunity.

“It is very clear that most of the learning institutions engage in demonstration due to betrayal in one way or another, causing some to even lose their lives. I understand that all this is done for an improvement to be done but we as the young people can air out our grievances in a better manner through the arts,” Quincy said.

Quincy encouraged the youths to be more determined in whatever they were doing and urged the government to enhance support to youth programme saying they were the only ones who would bring about change in the nation as economic drivers and leaders of tomorrow.

Another actor Franklin Ngétich said that the pandemic has affected the youth a lot but it reached a point he had to look at a positive angle.

“We as the young people are the ones who will suffer if we continue complaining and not implementing change. We are trying to air out all our suffering in a better way without causing chaos and bloodshed through the arts,” Ng’etich said.

He added that instead of the young people turning to drugs and other illegal activities, they should strive for better living.

By Hassan Adan Ali and Cynthia Chemutai

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