1.7m registered as Nakuru County hits 73 % mark in Huduma Namba

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Some  1,702,086 people in Nakuru County were registered in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS)  popularly known as Huduma Namba as the exercise drew to a close  on  Saturday.

The  County Commissioner (CC), Erastus Mbui Mwenda termed the turn out as impressive as it represented 73 percent of the  2,331,628 people who had been targeted for registration.

“By  close  of  business  last  evening, our  target  fell  short of 629,542 persons. The  performance in this  region   was  encouraging” stated  the  administrator.

Mbui  said  President Kenyatta’s intervention in which he extended the registration by one week had shored up the number of those registered by over 300,000 persons as figures stood at 1.4 million persons, representing 62.25 percent by May 16, 2018.

“Those  who have not registered with NIIMS will in future be able do so through the respective chief’s offices. Despite a number of challenges, the exercise was a huge success” said the County Commissioner.

The administrator said his office had worked closely with religious organizations, interest groups such as market traders, matatu operators and bodaboda riders in mounting public awareness campaigns that debunked misinformation about Huduma Namba registration.

“We  held  several radio talk shows and public barazas which translated into tangible results. We had a number of challenges  such as shortage of registration materials, slow data capturing equipment and citizens lacking requisite documents such as  Identity Cards and birth certificates,” he said.

Members  of  the public interviewed on queues at various registration centres on the last day said it was encouraging that efforts by a section of politicians and members of the clergy to undermine digital registration of citizens did not bear fruit.

Abdul  Sallam  Kassim  who  said he had taken a break from his holiday in Mombasa to register in Nakuru said opinion leaders in  the society should in future be in the forefront in spearheading campaigns that promote programmes aimed at promoting the well-being of Kenyans.

“From  my observation acts of sabotage and deliberate misinformation did not dent the process. I am satisfied with the turnouts that have been registered throughout the county. Registering in the database will help the government in national planning.

A  22 year old shopkeeper at Baruti Location in Nakuru West Sub County, Enock  Omweno said data captured on Huduma Namba will enable Kenyans market their skills to local and foreign investors, secure ownership of property such as land and improve access to services linked to birth and death certificates more seamlessly and improve accountability and transparency in the management of public affairs.

By  Anne  Mwale

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