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Drug abuse increasing among children in Narok

The department of Liquor and Alcoholic drinks in Narok County has expressed concern over the increasing number of children taking drugs in the county.

Speaking from her office today, the county director of Liquor and Alcoholic drinks Ms Esther Naisiaye said children who recently cleared class eight and form four are the most affected.

She cited areas bordering counties like Nakuru, Bomet and Migori counties as the places where drug abuse among young people is highest.

“I urge parents to be watchful of the company of their children during this season that the former class eight and form four students are at home. Some children look very innocent but are easily lured into taking drugs by bad friends,” she said.

She said they are working with the police to arrest any person found peddling drugs so that they can face the full force of the law.

A  Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that sensitizes youth against drug abuse dubbed Shakilisho (a Maa name meaning Testimony) has also lamented the increased number of young people taking drugs.

The organization’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ms Shinina Shani observed that drug abuse has led to a lot of premarital sex hence many unwanted early pregnancies among school girls.

“I request parents to create enough time with their children when they are at home for holidays to instill morals and get to understand the challenges they are facing. Many children get into drugs as a way of escaping challenges they were facing at home and school,” she observed.

Ms Shani regretted that the internet has rampantly increased communication through social media hence creating a wide gap between children and their parents.

“It’s only by creating a close relationship with your children that you can get to know what they are doing when you are not around because children are easily influenced by what they see among their friends or in the social media,” said the CEO.

A Lab technologist at the Narok Community Health Partners Organization said some laboratory drugs like ethanol and methanol easily find their way among young people because they resemble water.

By Ann Salaton

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