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7000 residents to benefit from water connections in Kirinyaga

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru on Wednesday distributed water pipes for Mbeti B and Kiangima Water projects, with the aim of increasing access to water for domestic use and agricultural activities.

Waiguru said that the two projects will supply water to Inoi ward, targeting around 7,000 beneficiaries who will receive adequate water supply throughout the year.

Mbeti B, which draws water from the Kiringa River, benefits residents of Thaita, Kangaita, Mugwandi, Kiandieri, Kabumbu, and Gitumbi villages, while the Kiangima water project benefits Kiawakara, Kagunyu, and Thaita villages and draws water from the Rutui River and Kangaita stream.

Some of the water pipes to be used for water connection. Photo by David Wandeto

The governor pointed out that the initiative was part of an elaborate plan by her administration to increase access to both domestic and irrigation water, noting that she has so far accomplished more than 70 water projects in the county.

“The 70 water projects include the sinking of boreholes, the distribution of water pipes and fittings, and the construction of water tanks for community water projects. We have also been distributing water tanks and rehabilitating our major rivers, such as Thiba and Nyamindi”, she said.

She noted that the county was also looking forward to the construction of the South Ngariama-Murinduko and Nyamindi Dams in Mwea and the Gikumbo Dam in Ndia/Central, which will increase land under irrigation to enable farmers to increase rice production.

The Sh115 million has also been set aside for the rehabilitation of irrigation canals in the Mwea irrigation scheme.

“Irrigation contributes significantly to agricultural productivity by providing year-round crop production, drought mitigation, increased crop yields, diversification, improved farmer livelihoods, employment, environmental sustainability, and food price stability,” said the Governor.

Majority Leader Kirinyaga County Assembly Daniel Murithii Kivanga called all leaders to work as a team for the development benefits of all Kirinyaga residents.

“Kirinyaga leaders should learn from the developing countries, where the key unit to development is unity. It’s my call to leaders to come up with such projects that create direct employment opportunities for youth. My call to youth is to take advantage of such projects and engage in agriculture activities since there is enough water for farming activities,” he said.

Reaffirming the governor’s commitment to increasing agricultural production, area Member of the County Assembly Fredrick Maina called for community self-help groups and youth groups to come up with development projects and seek support from the county government when they face challenges.

“It’s important for youths to change as time changes. It is my call to youth to focus on development projects like pig keeping, poultry farming, dairy farming, and other agriculture activities. Some of these projects pay off well in the end and also lead to the county’s economic growth,” he said.

By David Wandeto

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