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8 suspects  released for lack of evidence

A Kiambu Court has order the release of Eight suspects who were held at the Kasarani police station on suspicion of being members of the terror Red- Army gang.

The court made the ruling  citing lack of substantial evidence linking the eight to the outlawed group even after the prosecution sought custodial orders to investigate the matter further.

Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate Ms. Stella Atambo decclined to grant the plea to detain the suspects and ruled that the investigating officer had ample time to put his case in order.

Nicholas Kamau, Alex Theuri Irungu, John Ndeng, Edwin Mwangi Muiruri, Brian Kamau and John Muiruri had been detained at Kasarani police station on orders of the court on suspicion that they were members of the Red Army terror gang which has been terrorizing residents of Kahawa 44 in Nairobi County.

Atambo said police cannot be allowed to detain suspects without charging them when they were due. “ If you come to court and say you need 5 days and you are allowed, there is no reason for you not to have completed your investigation” She told the investigating officer PC James Chege of Kasarani Ploice Station.

Prior to their release, the officer told the magistrate that the suspects had been quite helpful and their co-operation had helped bring to book 6 suspects who were presented to court on Monday 25th, 2019. The six are currently being held at Kasarani police station and the investigating officer said he hoped to consolidate their case with the one for 8 suspects if he was allowed more time.

They had been held at the police station on suspicion that on 10th November, they allegedly attacked Johnson Mwangi, the owner of Central Bar and restaurant injured him and stole goods and cash from him while using violence on him.

The magistrate therefore released them unconditionally unlawfully held . The case of the 6 will be mentioned on December 3rd,2019.

For the Director of Public Prosecution, senior state consel Mr.Donnex Ongira confirmed to the court that the OCS Kasarani has exonerated the suspects saying the court could release them.

By Lydia Shiloya

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