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A group of youth drawn from Mount Kenya region vow to popularize BBI

A section of young people drawn from counties within Mount Kenya region have now vowed to support constitutional amendments as proposed in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

The youth in their meeting held in Murang’a hotel on Saturday claimed that they were initially against the amendments but now they will embark on an exercise to popularize the document after being conversant with its contents.

Speaking after the meeting which was attended by Ndaragwa MP Jeremiah Kioni and Interior Principal secretary Karanja Kibicho, the young people alluded that the proposed changes have many benefits especially to youth.

Led by Joseph Chege, the youth claimed that they were against the document because they had not clearly understood the details of the document.

“The group which is here, has vowed to support BBI. We have been educated and definitely we have realized the document proposes many things which are of great benefit to the young generation,” said Chege.

He continued, “we want 2022 politics to be separated from BBI. This means now we focus on BBI and then next year we will embark in election politics.”

The more than 100 youth vowed to start civic education about BBI and especially target the aged people who could find it difficult to read and understand.

On his part, Kibicho said young people should support the document which is aimed to foster unity and equitable distribution of resources in the country.

Kibicho said peace and unity will ensure the country’s economic growth is attained without political disturbances which usually derail achievement of development projects.

“What the BBI is advocating will largely benefit young people as it will lead to creation of jobs as the country’s economy will grow steadily.

On the other hand, Kioni castigated politicians who have thrived by creating confusion among the youth. “Young people for long have been misused by political leaders and after they attain whatever they want, they leave them without livelihoods.”

The MP lauded the move taken by the youth asking people from Mount Kenya region to avoid falling prey to propaganda peddled on BBI.

“University and college graduates who have benefited with government education loans will have four years before they start paying back their loans. Delay in the repayment will also not attract penalties as it is the current situation,” added Kioni.

In the past few weeks, political leaders have been trooping parts of Mount Kenya region to drum up support for and popularize BBI after it emerged a big number of area residents were against the document.

Local leaders who are pro-BBI have been organizing meetings with various women and youth groups to educate them about the report.

by Bernard Munyao

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