Fake Covid 19 Mask in Marakwet


The Elgeyo Marakwet county emergency response committee has banned the use of masks made by the local tailors saying they are sub-standard.
The CEC in charge of health Kiprono Chepkok said the masks by the tailors have only one layer instead of the three layers required whereby one is water proof, as another filters any virus while the third absorbs moisture.
“Most of these masks are just decorations which will not prevent the infection of the corona virus,” he said.
The CEC who was briefing the media after a meeting also discouraged residents from buying masks from hawkers saying the handling was not hygienic and may therefore spread instead of preventing the disease.
“The hawkers are holding the masks with their bare hands oblivious of their status and thus they may be contaminated thus spreading the very virus they are supposed to prevent,” he said.
Kiprono who was accompanied by the area Deputy county commissioner Julius Maiyo said in the next few days, Rivatex will have started distributing the approved masks which he said will not only be affordable but also reusable.
He therefore called on residents to buy masks from chemists saying it is easier for the government to follow and take action on any chemist found selling sub-standard masks.
The CEC said health personnel were tracing a suspect who came from Mombasa to Kapsowar saying the person had switched off the phone and called on residents to report if they know of such a person so that he/she can be assessed and quarantined.
He called on visiting residents not to view quarantine as a punishment saying it was important to curb the spread of corona adding that if one has symptoms one will be put on treatment immediately.
Kiprono said one person who had been isolated at the Tambach isolation centre has been allowed to go home after results came back negative adding that another 20 families who had been in quarantine have also been given a clean bill of health.
“So far we have not recorded any positive case of covid 19 in the county but we have been having suspects who have all turned negative,” he said.
Meanwhile the county has received 68 cartons of sanitisers from the national government which will be distributed to health personnel, police officers, officers from the department of interior.
The Keiyo North DCC said the committee had given the above priority as they were the officers in the frontline in the fight against the corona virus.
He said the county was expecting more sanitisers which the committee said will go to people living with disability and public offices.
However Maiyo reminded residents that washing hands using soap and water was still the best option while sanitizers are being used in the absence of the two.
By Alice Wanjiru

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