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Administrators ordered to enforce quarantine directive

The  Central Regional Commissioner (RC), Wilfred Nyagwanga  has directed the area National Government Administration officers to enforce self-quarantine for all people who have visited the Region from abroad in the recent past in a bid to break the chain of coronavirus transmission.

He tasked Chiefs and their Assistants as well as the Nyumba Kumi clusters to track all visitors who have come into the Region recently in order to stop importation of the deadly pandemic.

Speaking on Monday in his office during a press briefing on the coronavirus situation in the Region, Nyagwanga said there have been reports of some visitors who have been seen in public posing danger to others.

He reported that there has been two such cases in Kiambu and Murang’a Counties where the visitors have been seen mingling with others publicly.

The  RC  said the Kiambu case which was reported by one member of the public involves an individual who travelled from Dubai and was seen in a local market.

“We shall ensure that government directives, with regard to quarantine for all visitors, is properly enforced and followed to the letter,” Nyagwanga said.

The  Regional Boss at the same time, banned roadside hawking of foodstuffs, including water and fruits to motorists to reduce contact that is one of the main channels of spreading the virus.

He  said majority of roadside vendors don’t observe basic hygiene measures despite being in contact with their customers on the road.

Nyagwanga said they will only be allowed to operate from designated points in stalls where they will also be expected to institute hygiene measures for their clients, including provision of sanitizers.

“Selling of fruits, water and other food items to motorists on the road must stop forthwith,” the RC  ordered, saying security officers will be dispatched in major roads to enforce the ban.

Elsewhere, the County Emergency Response Committee in Kisii has moved fast to enforce preventive measures against the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The  Kisii County Commissioner (CC), Steven Kihara disclosed that closer cooperation with the neighbouring counties has been enhanced to ensure cross border markets and other business endeavors did not compromise the efforts to avert spread of Covid-19.

The  CC  clarified that while open air markets remained closed, those selling their wares on the road sides will be allowed as long as they observed the social distance rule.

Kihara  also warned Public Service Vehicles (PSV) owners and crew that they will face the law if they increase fare following reduced passenger capacity.

He  said  the Security Committee will engage the PSV sector  with a view to mapping out an arrangement on how to operate under the new regulations.

Representing the Governor, County Executive member In-Charge of Trade, Skitter Ocharo, said restaurants will remain open but be restricted to conducting business on a take-away-basis as announced by the government.

Ocharo  said the move was meant to observe social distancing in the eateries to reduce chances of spreading the virus.



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