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Over 35,000 animals to be vaccinated against Anthrax and Black Quarter in Vihiga

The  Department of Livestock Production in Vihiga County has launched a five week vaccination campaign for cattle and  pigs  against  Anthrax and Black Quarter.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday in Mbale town after officially flagging off the immunisation drive,  the  County

Executive Committee Member (CECM), Mrs. Pamela Kimwele appealed to livestock farmers to ensure all cattle and pigs receive the vaccination jabs by end of the exercise.

“We have informed livestock farmers to gather the animals at the nearest chiefs’ camps or designated cattle dips where the vaccination jabs will be administered,” said Mrs. Kimwele.

She clarified the vaccination will be administered on cattle and pigs only, but disclosed plans were underway for extending the same to other domesticated animals and birds.

According to the CEC, the livestock department targets to vaccinate about 35,000 cattle and pigs by the end of the


The  Black  Quarter or Black Leg is an acute infectious and highly fatal,bacterial disease of cattle. However, buffaloes, sheep and goats are also affected.

“It is a soil-borne infection which generally occurs during the rainy season. Thus the reason we are carrying out this

exercise  in this season of rains,” explained Mrs. Kimwele.

According experts in animal husbandry, young heifers between 6-24 months of age, in good body condition are mostly  affected by the disease.

By  Maurice  Aluda

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